Load Balancing in the Cloud

Posted on Tue 05 June 2018 in writing • Tagged with NGINX, Books

Load Balancing in the Cloud, Practical Solutions with NGINX and AWS, published by O'REILLY Free Download: Load Balancing in the Cloud, Practical Solutions with NGINX and AWS. The use of redundant servers has long been a solution for meeting sudden spikes in demand, machine failures, and outages. Cloud services greatly reduce the cost and hassle of provisioning redundant equipment and load balancers and give you the ability to deal with separate network, application, and client-side loads. But today there are many options to consider, and you have to determine which cloud service (or services) will meet your unique needs.

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AWS Batch

Posted on Fri 13 April 2018 in aws • Tagged with aws, boto, cloudformation, lambda, batch

A walk through of setting up AWS Batch. This simple POC demonstrates a fan in fan out workflow, AWS Batch managed environments, S3 triggers, Lambda and all the CloudFormation to hook it together. This is example of the Amazon Batch Service to deploy an example batch workflow. This example is meant to be a deployable artifact POC. This example will use CloudFormation, AWS Lambda, Docker, AWS Batch, and an S3 bucket trigger. The batch workflow created in this example is not a prescription for how batch processing should be done but merely an example. In this example all of the jobs for the workflow are scheduled at once. In doing so your scheduler could pass environment variables or change the command of each job to instruct the jobs where to store data, and where to expect data. Another approach would be to, have processing jobs schedule their dependent jobs, instructing those dependent jobs where to find the data that they produced. There are many ways batch processing can be utilized, this is simply an example.

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Posted on Thu 12 April 2018 in aws • Tagged with aws, boto, cloudformation, lambda

Lambda Function that provides a direct interface to boto3 from CloudFormation as a structured object. I often find myself writing custom resources for things that either are not yet supported by CloudFormation, or for things that seem like they will never be supported, like a lookup. Often these custom resources are just a few boto3 calls that create, update, and delete a given resource. I has started to look at spot fleets for running ECS clusters after the pricing model changed in March 2018. The EC2 Launch Template was not supported at that time and neither was the ability to use EC2 Launch Templates with a Spot Fleet built by CloudFormation. With that challenge I figured I had a couple custom resources to build and I thought about how I could abstract that as much as possible, and I think I found it. I decided to build a direct interface to boto3 through CloudFormation.

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How and Why, I use Pelican

Posted on Sat 24 March 2018 in site • Tagged with derek

How I built this blog and why I use Pelican. When I initially began writing web applications, I thought "Hey, I'll just build my own blog with ." A few ugly, unused blogs apps later, I realized that this route was too much up front investment. As of recently I've taken it more seriously because I see the value in releasing my content. At one point I had almost broke and said "I'll just toss WordPress into a container. It's got everything I need and a low CapEx." Luckly a co-worker slapped me back to reality, forcing apon me the gravity of what I was saying. Don't get me wrong, WordPress is great. /s For my scenario, the OpEx of running WordPress is too high, and that lowers my return on investment.

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The NGINX Cookbook

Posted on Fri 16 March 2018 in writing • Tagged with NGINX, Books

The NGINX Cookbook, published by O'REILLY. In 2016 I started writing for O'REILLY Media to produce The NGINX Cookbook. This is book was organized and released in three parts. The first part focued on load balancing on the modern web. The second, security and access. Lastly, a part about deployment and operations. This blog is not much more than a reference to the book. You can find the book for free at the link above.

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About Me

Posted on Fri 16 March 2018 in site • Tagged with derek

About Derek DeJonghe: I'm a cloud architect that has been working with cloud technology since 2013. The majority of my career has been spent consulting with companies ranging from startups to enterprise. I've done countless cloud migrations, and I'm good at it. The cloud I've focused my attention on is Amazon Web Services. My background is in programming, I switched to systems and operations early on. Cloud API's allow me to make use of both to produce real business value.

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